Pros of Working for a Family-Owned Trucking Company

Jun 20, 2022
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Experienced drivers and truck driving school graduates alike are often looking for three key things when seeking a CDL driving position: A positive workplace culture, competitive compensation rates, and impressive benefits packages. When you work for a family-owned trucking company like H.O. Wolding, you will receive all the small-business benefits, with the backing of one of the largest dry van fleets in North America: Bison Transport.

At H. O. Wolding, your day-to-day operations will feel much like working for a much smaller company. H. O. Wolding keeps a family-oriented, friendly company culture that allows for close communication between drivers and management, and greater job satisfaction. As a driver for us, we want you to always feel highly valued and heard.

Another key benefit to working for a family-friendly trucking company is flexibility with family leave and PTO. H. O. Wolding understands that work-life balance is critical to job satisfaction, and makes sure our drivers have adequate time off for things like taking care of a newborn or simply going on that family vacation they’ve been dreaming of. We love to provide a lucrative career for our drivers, with great consideration for their lives outside of work.

Since H. O. Wolding is owned by Bison Transport, we combine our family-friendly work culture with impressive compensation rates, safe driving bonuses, and comprehensive benefits packages. This is key to making us one of the best dry van fleets to drive for – as we can combine both an ideal work environment, with the compensation and benefits you need. You don’t have to work for a large corporation to get large corporation benefits with H. O. Wolding!

Drivers across the country are joining the H. O. Wolding team, and with good reason. The culture, benefits, pay, and long-term career paths are some of the best offered in CDL driving positions. Curious about the various positions we have available? Call us at 800-288-1972, or visit our website to learn more about our top-tier class A driving jobs.

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