5 Tips for Team Truck Drivers

Jun 30, 2021
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Searching the market for various trucking companies hiring? Bison USA is one of the top over the road trucking companies, offering an assortment of Class A driving jobs available today! Both new and experienced drivers are encouraged to apply. If you are interested in working with us, our team truck drivers are among the highest paid in our fleet, with a host of benefits unmatched in trucking industry. Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful team driver? Here are 5 tips for team drivers to build a happy and rewarding career behind the wheel.

Keep an Open Mind

Whether you are experienced or new to the trade, there are bound to be a few practices or protocols you are unfamiliar with. While many of us are inclined to push back at change, it is best to keep your mind open and learn why the company does things a certain way. Team environments can work a little different than contract work—but the benefits and work atmosphere cannot be beat.

Safety is Number 1

As with any CDL driving job, your safety on the road is of the utmost importance. Focus on the task in front of you, and go back to your training when faced with difficult situations, such as aggressive drivers, detours, traffic jams or even a blown out tire. Having safety always at the forefront of everything you do behind the wheel will help keep you prepared for nearly any situation.

Focus Focus Focus

As cliché as it may sound, staying focused is incredibly important as an over the road team driver. Things can happen on the road in the blink of an eye, making it easy to briefly miss something, and find yourself in a small accident or worse. Keeping the focus strong every time you are behind the wheel will help ensure you are safe for your entire truck driving career.

Sleep and Nutrition

We get it. Getting the right amount of sleep every night, and eating the perfect healthy diet can be tough. But every step you make towards improved sleep and nutrition is a step towards greater safety and job performance on a daily basis. Eat a diet balanced in lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Foods like these help your body store sustained energy that will help you keep alert and focused behind the wheel, even for long straight-line runs.

Research the Benefits that are Right for You

Odds are, there will be an assortment of benefit packages offered to you upon hiring. Discuss with an HR representative about all the various packages and options available to you, the associated costs, and how your unique needs fit into each plan. Bison USA is proud to offer some of the best benefit packages in the industry, with a $2,000 sign-on bonus and up to $0.60 per mile.

Bison USA is the perfect company to begin or grow a rewarding career as an OTR truck driver. Take the next big steps today towards a rewarding career with great compensation, benefits and team atmosphere. Give us a call today at 800 288 1972, or visit out website to browse our great list of career opportunities.

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