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Why drive for Bison USA? We think our drivers say it best…
I’ve worked for the all the big companies and Bison USA tops them all in every way. My wife and I team and have a lot of fun while earning good money and are treated very well. Thanks to everyone at Bison USA, you make our lifestyle as drivers above and beyond the best.
Amazing folks to work for. I feel like my husband has finally found his home. I truly have seen a 180 degree change in his attitude since he came to work for Bison USA. When I call him he’s happier. Such a blessing for sure.
Ed and I love this company. We have been with them going on 4 months. Great company and we happen to have the best dispatcher that either one of us has ever had. Spencer, your drivers truly appreciate everything you do. You’re the best.
It’s the name “Bison USA,” but the people inside this wonderful company make that name shine brighter. Respect, courtesy, kindness to us drivers. I’m glad I contracted with Bison USA; I am actually enjoying working here. Benjamin Parker great job on hooking us RGN’s up! Sioux Falls staff: outstanding job on driver support. Grand Forks: thanks for the smiles and warm welcome when I signed up. Your support group MAKES that difference between good and great companies.
In a month I will have worked with Bison USA Inc. for 3 years! Great people, great equipment, great freight, and a mileage that works for you and your family! Family time, requested holiday time, doctor/dentist appointments! A great team working hard everyday for their valued drivers. I have 25+ years in the ever changing and challenging transportation industry. In my book Bison USA is a “Top- Shelf” outfit to go trailer-trucking!

My wife and I have been team driving for Bison USA for just over two years, today is a bittersweet day. We cleaned off our truck and handed our keys in. We had the time of our life driving around the country, but felt it was time for us to take a break, for personal reasons.

On our last trip home we talked about how much we’re going to miss it. We would like to thank everyone at Bison USA for all there hard work and for always getting us home when we needed to be. And a special thanks to Dave Bison USA for sticking his neck out for us and letting me train Tracy. You are the best employer and friend I’ve ever worked for. If there are any drivers out there looking for a GREAT company to drive for,this one’s it. We will miss you all terribly!

Best company to choose as an employer! Always considerate and prove to you daily how much they value your commitment to them and their values! Best choice I’ve made in coming aboard! Thanks Bison USA!
Jason here in 579. I’m very pleased with the way Bison USA has treated me so far. Settlements are fair and to the point, love the detention pay, the truck runs well and doesn’t rattle, when I have had a problem it’s hey lets get that fixed asap.
So far great bunch of people. All staff are very friendly and courteous. Coming from a bigger company to Bison USA, I immediately noticed the difference in them treating people like they’re actually a person and not just a number. Thanks Bison USA staff and thanks Mike, Abbar, and Kassi for setting this up for me to make this possible.
Love this company. Everyone in the office is respectful and knows you on a first name basis. Even when you don’t remember theirs. They keep you moving.
I’ve been a driver for Bison USA for almost ten years. It’s a great place to work and they really care about their drivers.
Great company and people! My truck was backed into at the truck stop and they put me straight into a nice hotel, no questions asked!

In July I will have been a driver at Bison USA for 10 years. What has impressed me most is their honesty and integrity. I just smile when I hear about what other trucking companies put their drivers through. I AM SPOILED. I challenge anyone to give me a name of a trucking company that treats their drivers better.

Here is a list of what I like most about Bison USA.

  • 100% no touch loads.
  • Practical miles (not computer miles).
  • The very few times I sit at a dock I get detention pay.
  • My 34 hour reset has been at home and not on the road.
  • Layover pay, if something happens to hold you up on the road.
  • If I choose to drive on a holiday, I get holiday pay.
  • Only twice I’ve had more than 1 pick or drop.
  • Most of my reloads have been drop & hook.
  • Paid vacation time.
  • Quarterly mile and safety pay (it’s been around $1000)
  • 401K
  • I am retired military so don’t know much about medical insurance.
  • All trucks have a refrigerator.
  • All trucks have 110V power.
  • All trucks have either APUs or Cab Climate Control (battery powered APU).
  • Many more benefits not listed.

In summary I drove over 150,000 miles last year and was normally home in my own bed 3 nights a week. I was never told when I was to go out, I tell them when I am going out again. In 10 years I’ve had 6 brand new trucks. I love the I-shift and E-logs and NO LIES FROM THE DISPATCHERS.


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