Why More People are Opting for Truck Driving Jobs in NY

Many people today are seeking a well-paying truck driving job. Such jobs offer many benefits over white-collar desk jobs. At H. O. Wolding, our truck driving jobs in NY, have been in high demand in recent years. This is due to a number of unique reasons. For one thing, we are not just a trucking company; we try to personalize work experience so that all involved enjoy their jobs. Below are the top reasons why our truck driver jobs are in such high demand:

Family Time

We understand that you work to live, and don’t live to work! Everyone is entitled to family time, regardless of the practice they are involved in, and truck drivers are no exception. This is why we have home time for our truck drivers, so they can experience some quality time with their families.

Signup Bonuses Involved

Not all jobs can boast of offering a bonus upon signing, but our truck driving jobs can. We want to attract the best-qualified people to drive for us, and we are willing to pay up front to attract those people.

Good Pay and Other Bonuses

Our truck drivers enjoy great wages. We also offer our drivers additional bonuses, depending on various factors, such as mileage, and safety records.

Aside from these, we also assign driver managers who will be on hand to tackle any special matters, and ensure that drivers are having a positive work experience. This direct contact with the driver managers is one of the reasons why our truck driving jobs are in such high demand.

Check out more about the opportunity we have available for qualified truck drivers by visiting our website today. Along with excellent salaries and the opportunity for additional bonuses, we also offer a healthcare benefits package to our truck driving employees. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about our company, and the positions we are offer qualified truck drivers.