When do Trucking Companies Hire New Drivers?

As you search for truck driving jobs, you may encounter a few different types of openings: over the Road (OTR), Dedicated, LTL, Regional, and Local. Each of these types of jobs may require some of the same skills as each other, but some may also require unique skills that you, as a truck driver, must master. The question may be asked, “When do trucking companies hire new drivers?” At H.O. Wolding, we offer high quality OTR and regional trucking jobs to new drivers who are qualified and ready to take on the challenge of the open road, and perform their duties at a high level of proficiency. We are always searching for new talent to fill out our team!

Here is a more in-depth look at the types of jobs trucking companies provide:

OTR Driving Jobs

Many new truck drivers start out their career as an OTR trucker. OTR drivers drive for much longer length hauls than do LTL drivers. This may be referred to as driving and irregular route involves traveling to many different places, and getting to continually experience the open road. What trucking companies hire new drivers for these positions? The answer is failry straight forward: you will want to search for companies that identify as OTR trucking companies.

Dedicated Driving Jobs

A dedicated driver will handle regular, prescribed routes. These are routine routes that are performed for a specific company, or to reach a specific location for delivery. These jobs can provide you with a more consistent schedule, and more regular, frequent home time.

LTL Driving Jobs

Shippers that only require small delivery of goods each time may utilize an LTL truck driving service. LTL drivers may deliver more than one shipment on their trailer, each of which will have a different destination. Many times these shipments are taken to a terminal and then distributed to various trucks until they are delivered to their final destination.

Regional Driving Jobs

Regional trucking companies hire drivers to conduct routes through a specific region of the country. For instance, driver may operate in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, etc.

Local Driving Jobs

A local truck driver may work throughout an entire day, and then get to return home at night. The distances these drivers travel are shorter, but the hours can be quite long, as the completion of all assigned routes takes from morning till evening.

Now that you have a better idea of the types of trucking jobs available, you can also see what trucking companies hire new drivers and your possible prospects of obtaining one of these jobs. If you are interested in finding out about quality OTR or regional trucking jobs available, contact us today at H.O. Wolding.