What You Need to Know About Trucking Company Driver Jobs

Over-the-road (OTR) trucking jobs are some of the most challenging in the industry. With lots of hours logged behind the wheel, and the possibility of having extended periods away from home, it is easy to see why these drivers earn top-dollar, with the benefits packages to match. While some may find the long hours quite tiring, for those that love life on the road, this may be the perfect opportunity to gain a lucrative career doing a job you enjoy. At H.O. Wolding, we are hiring new and experienced drivers to join our team of top professionals in the industry.

Here are some important things to know about working as a driver for a trucking company:

What is a Truck Driving Job?

As a truck driver, there are a variety of jobs you can take on. From LTL to long-haul freight, there are numerous difficulty levels and skills to learn for each category. Truck driving jobs with over the road (OTR) assignments involve delivering items in a packed rig over hundreds, or even thousands of miles in a single trip. These jobs can also be referred to as long-haul trucking jobs, as they involve long trips that can span the course of a few days. During one run, you may encounter a number of stops and reloads, but most of your day will be spent working independently on the road.

Truck Driving Challenges

With lucrative compensation and a host of work-life benefits, it is fair to say that OTR trucking has its advantages and challenges. One of the major challenges drivers face is time spent on the road. For OTR or long-haul truck drivers, a single day can extend as long as eight hours. There are federal trucking regulations that restrict the hours of service (HOS) drivers are permitted to operate trucks. Even with the 8 hours of service regulation, there is still a potential that drivers will face driver fatigue. To mitigate this, we offer generous time-off and paid vacation to ensure you have a healthy work-life balance. Although this may be a challenging prospect for some, for those that enjoy life on the road and working independently, OTR trucking jobmay be the perfect fit for you.

Truck Driving Job Benefits

Individuals who like the independent aspect of working alone may enjoy OTR truck driving. As you drive your truck, you are not sitting under the observation of a manager or boss. Although you are accountable for performing your job correctly, your days are spent operating your rig and driving from one destination to the next. The routes are long, but simple, with predetermined destinations to drop off your cargo along the way. Additionally, OTR drivers are typically compensated higher than local truck drivers, offering you a stable career for many years to come.

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