What is a Long-Haul Trucker?

For those just entering the CDL trucking world, you likely have noticed serveral terms being thrown around. Over-The-Road trucker, OTR trucker, long-haul trucker, and dry van trucking jobs are some of the most common ways to refer to the same position: A commercially licensed semi truck driver. So, why the many terms? Each title refers to an aspect of the job. Over-The-Road, or OTR signifies the activity of hauling freight over long distances, via ground transportation on major roadways. Dry van trucking jobs refer to jobs that do not deal with refrigerated vans and perishable product. This term is generally used to separate out perishable shipping services in industries like food, beverage, and bio-sciences. Long-Haul trucking simply refers to any CDL trucking job that requires drivers to spend one or more night on the road, with the journey being too long to complete in a single day.

At H. O. Wolding, we hire some of the very best long-haul trucking professionals in the industry. Think you have what it takes to be a part of our team? If you are fresh to the industry, and need some tips on starting your job as a long-haul trucker, here are some of the most essential things you need to accomplish before and during the beginning stages of your career.

Commercial Driver’s Lincense Required

If you have had any prior interest in pursuing this career, this is likely one of the first requirements you have heard of. Every vehicle with a combined curb weight of over 26,000 lbs., and a trailer weight of over 10,000 lbs. can only be operated using a commercial driver’s license. While it is possible to train and take the license exams independently, most new drivers will opt to attend a low-cost truck driving school. There, you will be educated on all the unique aspects of commerical truck driving, all the applicable laws and regulations, and how to prepare for the written CDL exam. Additionally, your courses at truck driving school will help you practice in real trucks, with licensed CDL instructors that are true experts at driving.

Premote From Within with Demonstrated Performance

It is always nice to know your hard word is noticed and appreciated. Within the long-haul trucking industry, you will see your practice and dedication to safety pay off quickly – in the form of premotions, pay increases, and performance based bonuses. While much of the pay structure is based on seniority and experience, demonstrating your capabilities as a safe and efficient driving professional will help you move up the ranks quickly. As a long-haul driver, you will build a rewarding and lucrative career in no-time.

Join a Community of Drivers

driving professionals. This support network will always have your back, and plays a great role in ensuring all drivers are compensated fairly and working in safe, manageable conditions. A strong community of drivers can be a place for mentorship as well, helping new drivers learn the tricks of the trade and how to maintain a happy and healthy career. No one will ever tell you the job of a long-haul driver is easy. It requires advanced levels of focus, practice, and patience to build your job into a rewarding, long-term career. From your first day, up until your retirement – H. O. Wolding is dedicated to helping you make the most out of your time behind the wheel.

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