What is a Dedicated Fleet?

There are many types of hauling services available to assist you with delivering goods or products over regional routes or long hauls. If your company needs continuous and dependable logistics services, you can utilize the high quality dedicated fleet services we offer. At H. O. Wolding we offer premium dry-freight delivery with hundreds of tractors and trailers to help you fulfill all of your logistics requirements.

Dedicated Services

Attempting to plan and implement the efficient transport of your goods can take a lot of time and effort. Rather than spend your valuable time and resources on this planning, it makes sense to rely on a third party to handle your dedicated fleet.

At H. O. Wolding, we can provide you with the services and resources you need to help you achieve successful deliveries safely and on-time. Beyond providing you with a dedicated fleet, we can provide you with access to key resources such as tractors, trailers, and drivers. We handle your transportation and logistics needs, freeing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Why Dedicated Fleet is Beneficial in the Long Run

Dedicated fleet services are worth utilizing within a local area when you require heavy shipping concentrated in a small locale. This service can help you avoid the challenge of locating a new shipping provider each time you need transportation services. With your own dedicated fleet, you can avoid the need to use multiple shipping providers, and simply stick with one reliable source for your shipping needs.

By using dedicated fleet services you can streamline your operations and save money in the process. Operating since 1934, where one of the longest-serving trucking companies in the nation. Through our extensive experience, we can help you meet your delivery freight bolts on a consistent basis.

To learn about our dedicated fleet services and how we can serve your freight transport needs, call us today at 800.950.0054, or use our contact form to learn how we can best help you!