What Are Common Characteristics of the Best Trucking Companies?

What are Common Characteristics of the Best Trucking Companies?

Recent trucking school graduates and seasoned truckers alike should always seek the very best trucking companies for long-term, rewarding careers behind the wheel. While there is no shortage of companies looking to hire new drivers, it can be difficult to determine which company you will be happy to stay with for years to come. At HO Wolding, we strive to be one of the best companies to drive for in the United States, with a host of benefits, competitive compensation, safety bonuses, and supportive company culture that puts drivers first. Still wondering what sets the elite trucking companies from the rest? It can be helpful to lay out some distinct characteristics you should look for.

Competitive Salary

Likely one of the first things on the mind of any driver, working for a company that can compensate the hard work of their drivers fairly and competitively is a must. Additionally, look for companies that offer incremental pay increases as you gain more experience and hours behind the wheel. No driver starts out making their peak salary, but HO Wolding works hard to ensure all of our new drivers progress into experienced, safe drivers, and compensate them accordingly.

 Well-Maintained Fleet

While maybe not the first thing a driver thinks about when working with a company, observing how a companies fleet looks on the road can be indicative of how well the company is run. Some companies short on finances can run old, rusted, and even dangerous rigs into their graves, just to save money. Look out for well-maintained cabs and trailers on the road, with minimal rust and damage. HO Wolding tacks pride in properly and routinely maintaining our fleet of trucks, to help our drivers stay safe behind the wheel, and keep our trucks looking professional on the roads.

Are their Drivers Safe?

A little more difficult to determine, but if you notice drivers from a certain company are routinely speeding, not using their turn signal, or making other risky maneuvers on the road, it may be indicative of poor management and safety training by the company. You want to ensure the company you work for provides you quality training and equipment, and expects you to operate them according to strict safety standards.

How Are the Benefits?

Benefits can come in many forms. Our initial thoughts may be medical, dental, and vision, but they can extend into other useful services and perks. Companies that offer safe driving bonuses, time-off between runs, flexible PTO schedules, numerous options for insurance packages, and healthy 401K contributions are safe bets for a lasting, reliable, and rewarding career. HO Wolding offers all the above benefits and more, as part of our commitment to the livelihood of our most important asset: Our drivers.

If you are interested in starting a career with one of the best trucking companies to work for, give HO Wolding a call at (715) 824-5513, or explore our career options and apply today!