What a Driver Can Expect from Reliable OTR Trucking Companies

Over-the-road truck drivers enjoy great miles, more cash, and the adventure of the open road. The goal for many job-seeking individuals is to get a fulfilling source of income that pays well and is enjoyable. As one of the most reliable OTR trucking companies H. O. Wolding understands the importance of quality, well-paying work, and we are proud to provide it to our drivers.

We are directly involved in your overall success through our over-the-road trucking jobs. Here are three things one can expect while working with our trucking company:

Prosperity in your Career

We take direct responsibility for the overall success and prosperity of our workers. This is achieved through an assigned driver manager who works directly with our drivers to help them reach career milestones. This, in turn, reduces the mental workload in the driver, which could otherwise deter performance.

Personal and Family Time

Because we treat every employee as family, we are able to ensure that each individual is able to flourish on a personal level. With H. O. Wolding, one can expect to spend time at home with one’s family, therefore minimizing emotional fatigue that may arise from a lack of home time.


At H. O. Wolding, as one of the leading OTR trucking companies, we highly value our team. This is why we currently offer sign on bonuses of up to $7,500, as well as a high tuition reimbursement package. We provide these benefits because we want highly qualified people to come on board to join our working family.

These are just some of the major highlights one can expect while being part of our trucking company. If it is the right career path for you, signing with H. O. Wolding as an OTR truck driver can prove to be a very profitable decision for your “long haul”!