Truck Driving Jobs | OTR Driving vs. Regional vs. Local Trucking

After you have finished your truck driver training and obtained your commercial driver’s license (CDL), it is time to pursue the type of truck driving position that matches your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Three very common types of truck driving opportunities are over-the-road (OTR), regional, and local. Each position has its own benefits.

Over-The-Road (OTR)

Some OTR driving positions have the potential to cover great portions of the lower 48 states. However, the routes involved will depend on the company for which you work can their customer base. Some trucking carriers may only have their OTR drivers operate within a specific region of the United States, such as the Midwest, while others may have traveling from coast to coast.

OTR Trucking Job Benefits

The salary of an OTR driver will vary depending on the part of the country in which you are based. Just as an example, salaries for some drivers may range between $60,000-$80,000/year. OTR drivers also get to see great parts of the country while earning a living at same time. You are protected by federal hours of service (HOS) regulations that confine your driving time to 11 hours per day max. In some cases, you may have the freedom to choose what time of the day prefer to drive. The companies to which you are delivering goods will have dedicated dock workers on hand – so there are no freight loading or unloading activities required on your part.


Regional drivers operate in one specified region of the country. This may involve a few states serving as a region. With this driving position, you may deliver loads during the week and get to be home on the weekends.

Regional Trucking Job Benefits

These jobs generally allow you to work in the same region in which you live, allowing you to be at home on a regular basis. They still, however, allow you to enjoy the freedom of driving on the open road. As a regional OTR driver, you may expect an average salary in the range of $50,000-$60,000/year. This may vary depending on the part of the country in which you operate and the trucking carrier. In addition, most regional truck drivers are not required load or unload any of the freight they carry. This is generally handled by the companies that send and receive the cargo.


Drivers who make local deliveries generally work for one specific company. They carry out routes often within an approximately 250 mile distance of the home terminal.

Benefits of Local Trucking Jobs

Generally, local truck drivers start work in a morning and return home in the evening. On occasion, these drivers may be required to transport an overnight load. However, many local truck drivers are off on weekends and holidays. They also drive fewer hours behind the wheel than regional or OTR truck drivers, which also does not restrict them as long to the confined driving position behind the wheel.

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