Things You Need to Know About Your First Year As a New Trucker

Few careers compare to that of a Class A truck driver. Navigating our roadways from coast to coast, these drivers spend hours behind the wheel, delivering the goods Americans rely on most. Highly focused on safety and efficiency, every truck driver develops their skillset through years of practice and experience. H. O. Wolding is one of the top OTR trucking companies in the United States, offering a number of entry level CDL driving jobs for those fresh out of truck driving school.  As you prepare for the start of your career, here are some key-things you will learn and experience in your first year driving.

Time Behind the Wheel is Everything

You are new to the job and learning the ropes. Any time and experience you have behind the wheel is extremely valuable for getting comfortable and confident in various driving situations. As a new employee, you will be running routes with the assistance of a driver trainer. The job of the trainer is to ensure you are executing all maneuvers safely and effectively, and help guide you in the best practices behind the wheel. No one is perfect, and there may be some times of tension when mistakes are made. If you find yourself getting frustrated, just remember that your driver trainer is here to help you operate your rig safely and independently—and that can require a bit of trial and error.

Prepare Yourself for Time Away from Home

If you are the first to work as a truck driver in your family, the lifestyle can be a bit of an adjustment. Be prepared for extended periods of time on the road, away from friends and family. While some may find this adjustment difficult, many drivers are able to carefully plan out their vacations and off time to best achieve a work-life balance.

Always Put Safety Above Speed

There is no question that efficiency is essential in logistics. Bringing a product from the manufacturing floor to the store shelves quickly can help improve a company’s bottom line, and their ability to achieve on-time delivery to their customers. That being said, speed and efficiency should never be prioritized above safety. The first year behind the wheel will involve a lot of defensive driving, forcing you to take maneuvers more slowly and cautiously than an experienced driver would make. Over time, you will be able to develop your driving skills to perform all driving tasks at peaks levels of safety and efficiency. It just takes some time and practice.

Minimize Accidents

As obvious as this premise may seem, a good amount of truck driving incidents occur within the first year of driving. Having an accident will end up on your driving record, and can shake your confidence behind the wheel going forward. You could even lose your job if the accident is especially preventable and careless. By approaching every driving situation with caution, and implementing the safe driving techniques you learned in truck driving school, you should be able to easily avoid almost any accident, and gain great experience in your first year.

Jump-start your truck-driving career today with H. O. Wolding. We are one of the top trucking companies hiring, with enthusiastic team drivers serving companies across the country. Think you have what it takes? Give us a call today at 800 288 1972, or browse our job listings to find the perfect fit for you. We are excited to have you join our team!