Things to Consider When Choosing a Dedicated Fleet Service Provider

As an OEM business, tackling the logistics of shipping and distributing your product across the country can be exceedingly difficult. Unless you have the capital backing and time to run your own fleet of drivers, your business can benefit greatly from dedicated fleet services. Ever-increasing online commerce has made the need to ship products ever more prevalent for businesses across the board. Make sure you are prepared by hiring dedicated fleet services from one of the best trucking companies on the road—H.O. Wolding. Our team of drivers and management professionals pride themselves in making deliveries with exceptional efficiency and safety standards for both the driver and the cargo. Still not sure how to make the right decision? Here are some of the top considerations you should make when choosing between fleet service providers.

How is Their Flexibility?

Almost any business is going to have a slow season. While you may have needed four shipments a month in October, July might be down to just one or two. Make sure the service provider still offers the same service and scheduling flexibility for your business, even if you are not currently shipping at capacity. You don’t want to have any last-minute shipment that can’t make it due to a scheduling issue.

Fresh Equipment, Modern Technology

The condition of the equipment can reflect how their business is run. Dedicated fleet service providers that continuously invest in their technology and equipment will oftentimes provide great services, with minimal issues. A trucking company that is constantly battling with broken equipment will undoubtedly face delays, safety concerns, and an unhappy staff of drivers and supervisors.

Puts Safety at #1

Even if you aren’t behind the wheel, sourcing an OTR trucking company that puts safety first will also help guarantee your shipment makes it on time, and in tact. Great safety training and practices prevent any risky behaviors from ever occurring on the road, and of course, helps prevent accidents. Beyond the obvious accident prevention, these drivers will also incorporate safer acceleration and deceleration rates, perform more calculated and precision maneuvers around tough corners and bends, and ultimately keep your product safe throughout the entire trip.

Backed by Bison International, H.O. Wolding is a smaller business, with expansive logistical capabilities. Combining a family-owned environment with the business capacities of a large corporation allows us to best serve our customers’ needs above the rest. For these reasons and many more, we are one of the best trucking companies to choose for dedicated fleet services in North America.

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