The Future of Truck Driving in Wisconsin Looks Bright

If you are looking for employment, trucking jobs could just be the right fit for you. In fact, recent figures from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics are very encouraging and this is good news for anyone in the trucking business. Here are a few reasons to contact H.O. Wolding today about a trucking career.

Work Environment

Driving over the road can be one of the most peaceful and rewarding experiences in life. There are no common hassles associated with typical workplace environments. No one is watching your every move and telling what you do all during the day.


Trucking jobs in Wisconsin pay well. The average pay for a trucker in 2015 was a little over $40,000 a year, but you can expect to earn more with H.O. Wolding. Our average annual driver pay in 2014 was $50,000 and this does not include benefits.


The outlook for trucking looks good for the next decade. Most freight in the country is moved by trucks. The demand for products continues to increase and this will increase the need for more drivers to transport goods and keep supply chains moving.

Additional trucking jobs will be required in Wisconsin as more drivers reach retirement age. Baby Boomers are retiring in record numbers. The population in the US is rapidly aging and people in the Baby Boomer bracket represent a large portion of the population.

Easier Work

Trucking companies are improving their driver experiences. For example, some vehicles have high tech cruise control and video monitoring capabilities to see blind spots. The truck of the future will be much easier to handle and operate.

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