The Best Trucking Companies for 3rd Party Logistics Services

Hiring 3rd party logistics services is a common practice. Such carriers can offer great rates for services like LTL.

What Does 3rd Party Logistics Mean?

In the trucking industry, a 3rd party logistics company provides freight brokerage services. Freight brokers offer many benefits. For instance, if you need loads delivered from Wisconsin to New York, and want the lowest shipping rates, you can work with the best trucking companies to find a solution that fits your price range.

How H.O. Wolding Brokerage Services Work

We do not throw a price at you as soon as you contact us. Instead, we go over all your needs such as budget, type of trailer, etc., and take your entire situation into account. We work with you to find the best rates and best services.

Freight Coordination

With standard freight methods, you have little control over your shipment once it leaves the dock. You can track the shipment and get occasional updates but not much more. Your freight broker stays in contact with everyone involved in your shipment. If problems develop, the brokerage is on top of things and makes sure your materials get to their destinations on time.

We understand the freight business, and as one of the best trucking companies, we help you in many ways. With over 80 years in the business, you are in experienced hands when you come to H.O. Wolding!