In July I will have been a driver at Bison USA for 10 years. What has impressed me most is their honesty and integrity. I just smile when I hear about what other trucking companies put their drivers through. I AM SPOILED. I challenge anyone to give me a name of a trucking company that treats their drivers better.

Here is a list of what I like most about Bison USA.

  • 100% no touch loads.
  • Practical miles (not computer miles).
  • The very few times I sit at a dock I get detention pay.
  • My 34 hour reset has been at home and not on the road.
  • Layover pay, if something happens to hold you up on the road.
  • If I choose to drive on a holiday, I get holiday pay.
  • Only twice I’ve had more than 1 pick or drop.
  • Most of my reloads have been drop & hook.
  • Paid vacation time.
  • Quarterly mile and safety pay (it’s been around $1000)
  • 401K
  • I am retired military so don’t know much about medical insurance.
  • All trucks have a refrigerator.
  • All trucks have 110V power.
  • All trucks have either APUs or Cab Climate Control (battery powered APU).
  • Many more benefits not listed.

In summary I drove over 150,000 miles last year and was normally home in my own bed 3 nights a week. I was never told when I was to go out, I tell them when I am going out again. In 10 years I’ve had 6 brand new trucks. I love the I-shift and E-logs and NO LIES FROM THE DISPATCHERS.