Reasons to Consider Becoming a Truck Driver

Are you tired of getting laid off from jobs? Would you like to find a permanent position with a future? You may want to check out all the available truck driver positions at H.O. Wolding. Here are some important reasons to choose a trucking career.


Many people come to trucking for the money and stay for the benefits. You can make good money driving a truck. In fact, our top drivers make about $78,000 a year and even in your first year driving for us; you can earn over $50,000 annually


In the US, there are not enough truck drivers. Each year, the demand for freight increases and the increase is greater than the available truck drivers. When you take a job driving a commercial truck, you enjoy some of the best job security around.

Few Qualifications

You do not need a college degree to drive trucks. Some companies insist on a high school diploma, and you might have to pass a background check and take a drug screening test. However, this is something you need for just about any kind of job.


You need to obtain a commercial driver’s license before you can drive a truck. The best way to get the qualifications and skills you require is to attend truck driving school. You can pay thousands of dollars for this kind of training, but you do not have to. When you come to H.O. Wolding you can take advantage of paid training. This is an important consideration for those without the money or the ability to get a loan.

These are only a few good reasons to consider a truck driving career. To find out more about the many good things our program has to offer, call us today at 1-800-288-1972. You can also get more info by clicking this link.