Reasons to Choose Dedicated Fleet Services For Your Business

If you are an OEM business looking to distribute your product across the country, you may have thought of taking on the shipping services yourself. Juggling payroll, insurance, route set up, management of drivers and maintenance of trucks, while running even a small fleet of drivers, can be too much for someone to take on. Especially if it is secondary to their primary business. Luckily, OTR trucking companies like H. O. Wolding are here to provide dedicated fleet services for companies looking for a consistent transportation network across the United States.

What are dedicated fleet services? If you are looking to ship large amounts of freight across the country, but do not have the capabilities to run your own private freight services, the best trucking companies will offer dedicated fleet services to deliver a consistent logistics network for your business. With these services, your business will have a guaranteed allotted load capacity, control over their supply chain and transparency throughout the entire shipping process. By consistently going through one company for your dedicated fleet services, many carriers will also offer you a discounted rate, helping you save on shipping costs over time.

One of the best trucking companies serving businesses across the United States, H. O. Wolding is your dedicated fleet service partner. With our recent partnership with Bison Transport – one of North America’s leading transportation entities – we are best able to provide you with the most cost effective dedicated fleet services available, with high levels of logistical capabilities. Trust a smaller company with big capabilities—call H. O. Wolding today at 715-824-5513.