Owner Operator Vs Over The Road Trucking Companies

Rolling down the highway is one of life’s most peaceful experiences. In fact, this kind of serenity is hard to find in today’s high tech world. If you would like to drive a truck for a living, you’ll enjoy a world of benefits. But should you become an owner operator or go with over the road trucking companies like H.O. Wolding? Let’s check out these career options.

Owner Operator Truck Driving

If you are an owner operator, you must purchase or lease your truck. New heavy duty trucks are very expensive and with a used truck you take your chances, because you are responsible for any repair bills. You’ll need a substantial amount of cash and very good credit if you plan to qualify for a truck loan.

When you become an owner operator you are an independent business person. This means you are responsible for getting your loads. Plus, you are pretty much on your own when it comes to job benefits. In addition, you’ll have to keep books on your business and pay self-employment taxes.

Company Drivers

When you drive for over the road trucking companies you won’t have to buy a truck. In fact, there are no business investments, because you work for a company. Once you sign on with a company like H.O. Wolding you are assigned your own dispatcher. You will not need to go out and drum up business on your own. The company takes care of this for you.

As an owner operator, you’ll need to spend most of your time on the road. H.O. Wolding is one of those over the road trucking companies that want you to have sufficient home time, so you can drive over the road and still spend adequate time with family. Call us at 1-800-288-1972 to learn more.