OTR Truck Driving Jobs – Definition, Challenges, and Benefits

Although it is obvious that OTR trucking jobs are among the most demanding in the trucking industry, they are also not without considerable benefits. As a long haul or OTR trucker, your body and mind can endure some significant stress due to the long trips and hours involved. However, these jobs also provide great opportunities and financial benefits not necessarily available with other types of trucking jobs. Be sure to check out the great opportunities we offer for drivers at H.O. Wolding.

OTR Truck Driving Defined

Operating a truck is an OTR driver involves transporting items in a fully loaded rig over long distances in a single trip. One run may consist of a number of stops and reloads over a period of many days. Sometimes OTR driving is done not simply with a solo driver, but by teams. This type of driving can be carried out over a small region of the country, or extending from one end of the country to the other. The vehicles involved may belong to the independent owner/operator, or the trucking fleet of a carrier.

Challenges of OTR Truck Driving

The time involved driving OTR can extend to as much as 8 hours in a single day. Although federal trucking regulations limit the hours of service (HOS) of drivers, there is still the potential to experience more fatigue operating as an OTR driver than as a driver who only makes local deliveries. In addition, with this position you will spend more time away from home and family than you will as a local delivery truck driver.

Benefits Provided With OTR Truck Driving Jobs

OTR truck driving jobs are tailored to those who like independence in their work. During the course of your long trips, you are not under direct supervision of a boss. You simply do your job from the time you begin your run until the time you drop off your load.

OTR trucking jobs generally offer a high level of pay than other local truck delivery jobs due to the long distances involved.

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