Long-Haul Vs Short-Haul Trucking

Looking to revamp your career, or get a fresh start? OTR, or long-haul trucking companies and short-haul trucking companies are always looking for talented, safety-driven drivers to join their industry. Before you decide which is right for you, it is important to remember some key differences.

Short-Haul Involves Less Time On-Road and More Direct Management

As a short-haul truck driver, your trip usually varies between 1-3 days in length. While less time behind the wheel may be appealing, these drivers are often running tighter schedules with more direct communication and instructions from management. While some thrive in this work environment, those looking for the independence that comes with life on the road may not favor this option.

Long-Haul Is For Those Dedicated To Life On The Road

To be a successful long-haul truck driver, it is important to have safety and vigilance be your top priorities. As you as traveling thousands of miles, sometimes a week at a time, there are several unexpected hazards and hold-ups you may encounter along the way. The best drivers are dedicated to both safety and on-time delivery, and do well with time management. Another consideration to make as a long-haul truck driver is the extended time away from friends and family. Though you should be prepared to spend a week or even two on the road, a great trucking company like H. O. Wolding will offer you ample time-off between runs.

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