Long Haul Trucking Jobs: The Life of a Long Haul Trucker

The life of a long haul trucker can come with many mixed emotions. Many will tell you that being a trucker is not just a job it is a lifestyle. At H. O. Wolding Inc., we offer long haul trucking jobs that can lead to a very fulfilling career.

The lifestyle of a long haul trucker can take some time to adjust to, but as a person gets comfortable to the lifestyle change, it can turn out to be a very rewarding career. However, there are still many pros and cons to long haul trucking jobs. Let’s take a look:


Pros of the job include pay, health benefits, independence, and flexibility. You’ll be traveling for a job, meeting countless of new people, and seeing sights unexplored and off the beaten path. You’ll see the change in scenery and geography as you span miles and find a great appreciation for our country.

Potential Downsides

A few downsides of being a long haul trucker includes long periods away from home, stress, sleep deprivation. The cost of eating out can quickly add up, and cut into a driver’s pay.

The Responsibility

The job itself carries heavy responsibilities along with living the lifestyle of a long haul trucker can be too much for most people. The job requires a strong sense of independence, focus, and patience.

Many trucker drivers are able to balance good health and a happy family life, even though it can be challenging. With proper planning and the right trucking company, a long haul trucking job can be a very rewarding career.

At H. O. Wolding, our long haul truck driving jobs are flexible, balanced, and we offer a wide range of benefits to experienced and inexperienced truck drivers. We are a family owned company that is dedicated to quality service and we are always looking for drivers who share our passion.

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  • Joe Lowden
    Posted August 27, 2016 4:25 am 0Likes

    I am new to the blue team, been running solo for just over a week. I have been running the southeast region and it has had it challenges but it has been a great time as well. HO Wolding have been very welcoming and helpful. I am a recently retired US Marine transitioning into the civilian world and they have helped me make this change to this new lifestyle seamless. Thanks for everything H. O. Wolding Blue Team!! I am sure I will enjoy many years with you guys!!!

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