Local Truck Driving Jobs | The Benefits You Can Expect

If you are a truck driver by trade, and are searching for a better position than you currently hold –something that gives you better pay or more time to spend with your family—then you have come to the right place! A regional or local truck driving job with H.O. Wolding offers great pay and benefits. Read on to learn more about our employment offering for transporting local freight.

Shorter Road Trips

With local truck driving jobs from a regional trucking provider, you will drive in and around your localized region. While you may be responsible for driving out of state, depending on your location, you will not have to spend several weeks at a time away from like you might on long-haul trucking assignments.


A regional driving position can give you a stable source of income and a long-term career that includes the opportunity for higher pay, and overtime and bonuses. A more local assignment also allows you to perform your truck-driving duties on a schedule that might be a better fit for your personal/family life.

Home and Personal Time Off

Each trucking carrier provides its own benefits with regard to the amount of time drivers may take off for home or personal time. If your trip is only few days in length, you may have the freedom to take a few days off before you head back on the road. Drivers that spend a full week on the road may receive even more days off before embarking on a new trip. Local truck routes help minimize the possibility of longer hauls that keep you away from home and personal time off.

Mandated Sleep for Safety

After you have secured a local truck driving job, you must follow federal and state regulations for the hours of sleep you need to have before you can resume driving your truck. You can obtain this sleep at truck or rest stops as needed.

If you are looking for a trucking job that gives you stable day-to-day work and consistent income, check out the truck driving opportunities we have available or contact us today with any questions.