Incentive Plans for Truck Drivers

Having qualified drivers is a key component of the success and health of a trucking business. Creating a healthy company culture begins with developing a sense of loyalty, security, and respect between management and the workforce. It is important to retain hard-working, safe-driving employees in order to grow a trucking business for the long term. One major part of meeting this goal is to provide quality incentive plans for truck drivers. At H.O. Wolding, we hire top quality truck drivers and have open positions available on a consistent basis for those interested in starting or continuing their over-the-road trucking career.

Incentives Show Appreciation

It doesn’t have to be a complicated process to express appreciation to a truck driver who performs consistent, quality work. Proper incentives will take into account the entire work environment. This includes the paycheck of course, but also other elements such as professional development, and work/home balance. Other things such as tangible and monetary rewards and public recognition for specific achievements can also help boost the morale of drivers.

Many truck drivers receive paid holidays, health plans, and access to 401(k) plans. These types of opportunities help develop loyalty within a trucking company and provide great incentives for drivers to stay on board for the long-term.


Monetary compensation is very important in any job and that includes truck drivers as well. Truckers can be compensated in various ways. This includes different pay packages along with signing bonuses and pay-for-performance bonuses that encourage drivers to drive safely and efficiently on the road.

Safe Driving Incentive

As just mentioned, safe driving bonuses are part of the incentive packages trucking companies often provide. OTR carriers often pay drivers and bonus for accumulating a certain amount of miles driven safely. This is a win-win situation for the driver and the company. It creates a higher level of diligence in drivers overall and provides drivers with a challenge to meet that will result in financial reward.

At H.O. Wolding, we offer our drivers and extensive range of incentives. For more information about and the types of incentives we offer to qualified candidates, contact us today.