How Truckers Can Stay Fit on the Road

Truckers spend a significant amount of time on the road and this can make it quite difficult to get in the necessary exercise to stay fit. However, truckers with enough experience understand how it can be done. There are various options available to the truck driver to help ensure here she gets the exercise needed. At H.O. Wolding, we offer a range of OTR truck driving jobs for qualified candidates.

Despite the some 300 days/year on the road as a truck driver he may spend, a few steps and ways to exercise mentioned below can help you remain physically fit throughout the year.

Pack Healthy Snacks

One important suggestion is to not load up on unhealthy snacks, such as soda, fatty chips, and candy etc. Having healthy snacks nearby to munch on as needed is much better and will help you avoid the excessive fat and sugar that works against your goal to remain fit.

Use Your Surroundings

Are there any trails near your truck stop? Or, can you find places to run during your breaks? You may also come across truck-stop gyms. It is important to take advantage of these or other options even if it is simply a local park where you can run.

Take Small Exercise Equipment

Various types of exercise equipment are small enough to bring with you as you drive your big rig across the miles. Items such as resistance exercise bands, suspension cables, and light dumbbells can all help you get exercise on the road. You may even bring along a folding bike. There are also systems available that can help you get a workout right in the cab of your truck.

Eat Three Healthy Meals Per Day

Avoid skipping over a meal during the day. Eating three healthy space-time meals per day will help you avoid binge eating later. A balanced meal schedule will help you minimize the need for snacks due to hunger cravings.

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