How Truckers Can Reduce Cargo Theft

With the theft of cargo causing several millions of dollars of loss across the country, logistics companies can take a range of safeguards to help prevent or reduce the risk. We are extremely strong in this area and carefully examine every applicant for over the road (OTR) truck driving jobs.

Investigations of Vital for Success

For all OTR truck driving jobs, investigations into the background of all potential drivers throughout the entire supply chain are essential. These investigations should be conducted routinely, even after a trucker has been driving for several years.

Every individual involved with handling or documenting goods and products must be thoroughly vetted before they can work with a logistics company.

The safety of the goods begins at the manufacturer’s warehouse. By ensuring a high level of security as the goods are moved from the warehouse to the trailer, any potential problems of cargo theft are moved to another link in the chain.

Be Aware of Busy Seasons

Individuals applying for OTR truck driving jobs increase around the busier weeks of the year, specifically around the festive period at Christmas and Thanksgiving. Theft attempts will always increase when more full loads need to be shipped in an ever-decreasing timescale. The pressure on shippers, manufacturers and truckers increases as more goods and products are available and all deliveries are still expected to arrive exactly on time.

Unattended loads may lead to your cargo becoming at risk to theft. Where you can reduce the amount of time that loads are left alone, you will rapidly reduce the opportunities for thieves to strike. Where you can vary your choice of lanes without increasing the cost of the shipping, you will make it more difficult for organized theft to occur.

We understand how some organizations use GPS tracking technology within their cargo as a means of reducing theft, or at least following where it goes. We feel that high-quality investigations into the quality of the truckers applying for work is where all logistics security should begin.