How to Survive CDL Training in the Classroom and on the Road

Ready to take the next steps in your truck-driving career? A commercial driver’s license, or CDL, is a fantastic certification to have as a truck driver, opening up the opportunity to be hired for numerous LTL and OTR trucking jobs from companies like H. O. Wolding—one of the top choices for seasoned CDL drivers and new trucking school graduates alike.


Positions that do not require a CDL – such as small package handling and delivery driving – may pay well enough, but often come with high levels of disorganization, stress and physical strain. Add on the possibility of future injuries putting you out of work, and you can see how a career as a CDL driver may be more appealing. Typical CDL OTR truck driving jobs do not require nearly as much physical labor, allowing you to the perform the job longer, with far less possibility for injury. Not to mention, the pay can oftentimes be significantly better. All that being said, the process for obtaining your CDL is not a cakewalk, and requires some real patience, discipline and mental sharpness. Here are some tips for getting through your CDL training in the classroom and on the road:


Collaborative Studying


No matter how you feel about classroom learning, your fellow students and instructors are your allies throughout the entire process. Help out when you can, and always ask for help when needed. It is vital you are prepared to operate a commercial vehicle safely and according to all DOT regulations. The various instructional courses at a truck driving school will help get you where you need to be, at a pace that works for you.


Don’t Neglect Your Sleep Schedule


We get it—Even if you are on track to the exact career you want, the path to beginning a new job can be nerve–wracking, and wreak havoc on your sleep. To remain safe during your on-the-road training, and effectively learn in the classroom, it is recommended you get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Try some common sleep aid and meditation apps to help clear your mind for rest. Healthy sleep patterns can also aid in stress management and your mental attentiveness behind the wheel.


Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


A healthy lifestyle is one of the top things you can do to improve your mental and physical abilities on the job. Many long-haul truck drivers can report issues with back pain and muscle aches when not maintaining their physical health. Limit your intake of processed and low-nutrient fast food, in place of whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. Additionally, building an exercise routine into your week can help your body remain strong and less susceptible to strain or injury. Combined, both nutrition and exercise give drivers natural, lasting energy and focus, for long days behind the wheel with minimal fatigue.


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