How to Get a Local Truck Driving Job

As a truck driver by trade, you may be looking for a better work arrangement. Maybe something with balance, that gives you the work time you need, as well as the appropriate amount of time for rest or with your family. If this is your goal, a local truck driving job might be a good option for you.

One way you can obtain one of these jobs is to respond to a local or regional trucking company that offer positions with great features and benefits. At H.O. Wolding, we offer trucking jobs that enable you to experience the following benefits:

Shorter Hauls

Once you know how to get a local truck driving job from a regional trucking provider, they may have you driving to surrounding states in your area, but not have you take long hauls the keep you from home for several weeks at a time. Some of your trips may last only a few days or a week at the most. Some of this may depend on how far you drive each day and the weather conditions you encounter along the way. Generally speaking, you are limited as to how many hours you may work per day driving a truck, so if you make the most of your allotted time, you can ensure that your trips are not extended unnecessarily.

Drive and Sleep

Once you determine how to get a local truck driving job, you are responsible for completing your trips without the help of any partner drivers. It is important to obtain the sleep that you need during your trips. Federal regulations a lot to a certain number of hours for sleep as well, which you may do when you stop at a truck or rest stop along your route.

Time Off

Each carrier offers its own set of benefits regarding how much time its drivers can have off for home time. If you take the rig on a trip that is a few days in length, you may get to spend a couple of days at home before returning to the road. However, if you spend an entire week on the road for your haul, you may be given several days off prior to your next trip.


As mentioned above, contacting a regional carrier can help you know how to get a local truck driving job. At H.O. Wolding, we provide the types of long term trucking jobs that can give you stability in your schedule and in your route. By keeping your customers satisfied and performing your duties consistently and on schedule, you can enjoy a stable and long term career with the opportunity to earn higher pay and bonuses over time.