Explaining 3rd Party Logistics

At H. O. Wolding, our trained and committed staff works tirelessly to ensure your company receives the quality of services it deserves. Unlike many shipping companies, we customize our services to meet your requirements. What we offer is as unique as your company, including our 3rd party logistics (3PL) services. Our expertise in this area gives us the ability to deliver the services you need efficiently, effectively and timely.

What We Offer

The term “logistics” is a common one among many industries. It is a means through which a company can offer its services with greater efficiency, resulting in increased profitability. For those who outsource their logistics, H.O. Wolding is a natural choice. As 3rd party logistics providers, we focus on delivering a holistic approach. Basing it on the specific requirements of your company, we focus on ensuring the following:

  • The efficiency of your delivery system
  • The integration of the flow/transfer of all requisite information between specific parties. This includes the installation and implementation of specific software
  • The most efficient and cost-effective handling of the products/services
  • The keeping of an up-to-date and precise inventory
  • The execution and maintenance of security procedure
  • The movement of the freight load as mandatory and requested

We thoroughly examine and analyze all aspects of your business from warehousing to delivery in order to ensure its efficiency. We even work with you to arrive at lower rates for freight forwarding and other transportation fees.

3rd Party Logistics Providers

Today some companies operate their own in-house logistic service. For those who want expertise in this area, contact our experienced team of 3PL providers. At H.O. Wolding, we are committed to providing you with effective, efficient and affordable 3rd party logistics services. Our goal is simple: to ensure your company receives the services it requires to make it successful. By employing the latest technology available, we are there to provide all our customers with the means of achieving this objective.