Driving for National Trucking Companies

If you are an experienced driver, or are planning to get your CDL, it is not hard to find a truck driving job these days. However, do you want to work for a local freight service or one of the big national trucking companies like H.O. Wolding? We have many things to offer truck drivers. Let’s check them out now.

Full-Time Work

If you go to work for a small local company, they may not always have work available for you. For example, they may assign their senior drivers first, and treat new drivers as backups. It could take a long time before you receive steady work. Large freight services offer full-time work because there is so much work available. In fact, they may have more work than available drivers, and you could even have opportunities to earn extra pay.


National trucking companies usually have the best pay systems. For example, H.O. Wolding offers practical miles payments and generous sign-on bonuses. You could make $77,000, or more, annually. In fact, about twenty percent of our drivers earn this much, or more.

Job Benefits

We provide family medical and dental care insurance. We also give provide our drivers with 401K options. We can do this because of our large size.

Job Security

It is comforting to know you will have a reliable truck driving in the coming years. National trucking companies like H.O. Wolding, have a lot of experience. We have been in the industry for 80 year. We offer both long haul and regional driving jobs. Call us today at 1-800-950-0054 for more information on a career with a future.