Dos and Don’ts for Obtaining and Keeping Your CDL

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a key element that makes any commercial truck driving career possible. Without this license, you will not be able to access the many truck driving opportunities available in the industry. In addition, if you allow your CDL license to expire, you lose the ability to continue operating a commercial truck legally. At H.O. Wolding, we offer exceptional truck driving positions for both experienced and beginning truck drivers.

In order to qualify for CDL truck driving jobs, you need to have a CDL. This CDL is required to drive a commercial truck in any state. Obtaining your CDL involves passing a CDL exam.

There are several dos and don’ts associated with obtaining and maintaining your CDL license. Below are some examples:

Dos for Obtaining and Keeping Your CDL

1. Do make sure you are eligible to get your license.

Before you start the process of enrolling in CDL classes and studying for your CDL exam, you need to verify that you are eligible to obtain a CDL license. In order to qualify, you may need to be at least 18 or 21 years of age, depending on your state. In addition, you may have to pass a physical and prove that you currently have a valid noncommercial driver’s license.

2. Do study thoroughly for Your CDL Exam

To obtain your CDL, you need to pass a written and practical exam. The CDL manual provided by your state’s DMV office can provide you with information you need to pass the CDL exam. Your CDL classes will also provide guidance and material to help you pass the exam.

3. Do continue to learn and grow in your truck driving profession

After you have obtained your CDL and become a commercial truck driver, it is important to continuously improve upon your education and skills as a truck driver. This can help ensure you keep your CDL license and your job for the long-term. With time and experience, you may even decide to pursue more advanced certifications.

Don’ts for Obtaining and Keeping Your CDL

1. Don’t study for your CDL exam without attending CDL classes

Although you might like the idea of studying for the CDL exam on your own without any outside help, attending a CDL school or classes will provide you with many benefits. Your CDL instructors can supply you with all of the information you need in addition to providing practical experience behind the wheel. A CDL school may also assist you in landing your first job after you pass the exam. Attempting to attain all the necessary knowledge and experience without a CDL class may leave out critical information needed to obtain your CDL certification.

2. Don’t break relevant rules and regulations

There are a number of regulations, codes, and rules to follow in the trucking profession. These are in place to help ensure your safety as a truck driver and the safety of others, along with protecting the equipment involved in your employer’s financial investment. Do not ignore these rules. Doing so could lead to you losing your CDL license and job.

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