Difference Between National, Regional, and Local Trucking Companies

If you are looking to begin a career as a truck driver, simply looking at a list of dry van trucking companies hiring is not enough. In order to best understand the job you are applying for, you should understand the type of trucking company you will be working for. In the trucking industry, there are generally three types of companies: National or long haul trucking companies, regional trucking companies, and local trucking companies. All three serve a unique purpose in the shipping industry, and offer great careers depending on your needs. At H. O. Wolding, we offer regional driving positions to experienced and inexperienced CDL drivers in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast, and OTR trucking jobs to drivers across the Nation.

Local Trucking Companies

Typically only operating within a 80-100 mile radius, local truck drivers work for a regional trucking or shipping company to deliver what is oftentimes LTL (less than load) freight. These drivers enjoy the benefit of being home every night, but are oftentimes the least compensated in the industry.

Regional Trucking Companies

Operating within a 4-6 state area, regional trucking companies deliver full loads across a select region of the United States. For these drivers, a typical workweek can range between 2,000-3,000 miles ran, with their weekends spent off the road and at home. At H. O. Wolding, our regional drivers often operate within a set region of the Midwest, Southeast, or Northeast, and are home of the weekends.

National Trucking Companies

For those dedicated to life on the road, national or OTR trucking companies like H. O. Wolding offer you the opportunity to earn some of the highest wages of any career in the industry. With a minimum of two weeks on the road, long-haul trucking companies require their drivers have a dedication to safety and continuous vigilance while operating a rig. The best companies like H. O. Wolding will offer you ample time off between runs, as well as paid vacation to enjoy with your loved ones.

Ready to jumpstart a career in the trucking industry? H. O. Wolding is offering OTR trucking jobs and team driver positions for those dedicated to life on the road. Call us today at 800-288-1972, or visit our website to apply today.