Dedicated Fleet Services for Efficient Logistics Operations

There are a variety of hauling services available to help you move your products. If you own a company that requires constant and reliable logistics services, dedicated fleet services would be a great fit to handle your fleet-related needs. At H. O. Wolding, Inc., we specialize in dry freight and have a fleet of over 1,000 trailers to help you service all of your logistics needs.

Dedicated Services

Planning how you will ship and transport your merchandise goods can be time consuming. To relieve this burden, it is important to find a reliable company that you can get a dedicated fleet from in order to efficiently move your merchandise. Another difficulty that comes with your logistics is also finding the drivers, trailers and other required equipment to get the delivery completed.

We can provide you with all necessary components to ensure that your delivery is done on time and in a safe manner. In addition to providing you with a dedicated fleet, we can also give you additional resources, like drivers, tractors, and trailers, to assist with your delivery. By using our services you can focus on your company while we take care of transportation and logistics.

If you own a company that is constantly sending goods both outbound and inbound or if you are consistently sending a variety of loads through many different types of trucks, you can benefit greatly from using a dedicated fleet. These types of services can also pay off at a local level when your heavy shipping flow is concentrated in small area, taking away the hassle of finding a new shipping provider each time. By having your own dedicated fleet, you can save yourself the hassle of using multiple providers.

Additional Benefits of Using a Dedicated Fleet

Using dedicated fleet services allows you to save money, by staying with one provider, and also helps you streamline your operations and keep them more organized. We have been in business since 1934, making us one of the oldest trucking companies in the country. With this extensive experience, we can help you achieve your freight flow and delivery goals.