COVID-19: Impact on Trucking Companies, Economy, and Trade

It is not news to anyone that we are living in unprecedented times. Every day, news alerts remind us of the grim danger of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, and the impact it is having on society as a whole. One of the biggest arenas COVID has made an impact is in the economic sector. With fears of transmission, there have been significant disruptions with international, and even domestic trade, forcing many companies to make cuts to their budgets, furloughing and even laying off some workers.

While many industries have seen major interruptions in their everyday business, over the road trucking companies, or OTR trucking companies, have seen steady or even increased levels of demand for their services. This increase in demand can be largely attributed to consumers moving towards ecommerce, or online shopping. With many of these goods coming from large distribution hubs, having dedicated fleet services continuously moving product from distribution center to distribution center is essential.

That is where H. O. Wolding comes in. We are an industry leading over the road trucking company, offering services across the United States. With the continuous threat of the Coronavirus, we value the commitment our team shows to on-time service, and provide all necessary goods (PPE, hand sanitizer) to ensure they feel protected while on the job.

To learn more about how H. O. Wolding, give us a call today at 800-288-1972, or fill out our online contact form . As one of the leading OTR trucking companies, we are sure to have the services or career opportunity you are looking for.