An Insider’s View:  Bison USA Fleet Manager

As a Fleet Manager with Bison USA, I’m the primary point of contact with all of my assigned drivers.  That means I’m the one making sure you get home when requested, and updating you on your plans at least 24-48 hours in advance with every opportunity possible.  A lot of time is spent troubleshooting any issues you might have with loads; such as missing information, delays, weather, breakdown, OSD’s, lumper payment or any other complication you might encounter on the road.  I’m managing all pickups and deliveries for both drivers and customers, updating statuses in our system by processing all inbound messages, information received by you verbally, as well as what you have input into People Net forms in workflow.

We spend a great deal of time communicating with other teams and management within operations, and other areas of the business throughout the day.  It helps set up and maintain efficient planning, meet your personal goals, and ensures that our customer is serviced at a high level, safely. The majority of my day consists of taking calls, emails, and even messages sent through PeopleNet from our drivers and customers,  then distributing that information to the appropriate team member for follow-up and solutions. 

As Fleet Managers, we are held accountable for equipment utilization, which means we have expectations too.  We are required to keep an eye on all of our equipment to make sure it’s being utilized to its fullest potential.  We don’t want a truck sitting idle in excess of standard expectations. Above all, we take pride in assisting drivers to achieve their personal mileage goals that exceed our minimum requirement, home time and overall satisfaction.  Sometimes, I’m on the phone or in a meeting when you may try to call in. If I’m not available, you can help me out by leaving a detailed message! Give as much information about what you need as possible, or send me a follow-up email so that I can better meet your needs and respond appropriately.

We work hard to build relationships with each of our drivers at Bison USA.  It’s an essential part of our position, particularly since we don’t see you face to face daily.  We use every opportunity we encounter to educate drivers, whether it be the topic of safety, rewards, or performance-based knowledge.  We want to help you in exceeding your goals while also ensuring that our fleet’s needs are being met. Want to become a top miler? Become eligible for bonuses?  Need help understanding accessorial pay? I can help with that!