Bison USA Cares

At Bison USA, we care about our drivers and their families. As a national trucking company, we care about the safety of everyone on the road, too. We’re happy to be SmartWay certified, as well as members of TAT, Truckers Against Trafficking.

SmartWay Transport Partnership

For over 15 years, SmartWay has been contributing to American prosperity through the trucking industry. Trucking and freight transport contributed almost $1.5 trillion to the American economy in 2017 alone, and nearly 7.7 million people are employed in trucking-related jobs. SmartWay works with US trucking companies to save on fuel costs, contributing to lower prices while helping American truckers. By helping American truckers reduce their dependence on foreign fuel, more money is returning to the national economy while reducing the national trade deficit.

SmartWay is committed to helping the industry by providing information on efficient and clean technologies, operational strategies, and other business practices that help to reduce costs while contributing healthier air for our families and communities. Since 2004, SmartWay has been protecting the health of Americans by helping their partners avoid emitting 119 million tons of air pollution.

Truckers Against Trafficking

Another of the ways that Bison USA collaborates with the community is through our affiliation with Truckers Against Trafficking. This organization works through a number of venues to detect, deter, and combat human trafficking. Though illegal, human trafficking is a booming business, and a large percentage of those trafficked are women and children. An estimated 40 million people are enslaved by human trafficking across the world today. By working with Truckers Against Trafficking, our employees become the eyes and ears of American highways, and assist law enforcement in preventing this horrible crime from continuing.

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