Best trucking jobs for Beginners

Becoming a truck driver is no small feat. There’s a lot of hard work, time and money that goes into starting a trucking career. For starters, a person has to have the appropriate schooling, a stated-issued commercial driver’s license and typically hundreds of hours of road experience.

So let’s say you’ve accomplished these task/requirements and you are ready for the road, but there’s just one little detail that’s holding you back-you need a job! The majority of trucking jobs require years and years’ worth of experience. So where exactly can you find the best trucking jobs for beginners? The answer is simple-H. O. Wolding!

Driving Managers

Some of the best trucking jobs for beginners offer Driving Managers. Driving Managers are more than just your standard dispatchers. Driving Managers focus on their limited group of drivers and provide top-of-the-line assistance all along the way. With inexperienced truck drivers or recent grads, a Driving Manager can help guide them through the beginning of their trucking career while allowing them to gain more experience. Specifically, the assigned Driving Managers at H. O. Wolding gladly welcome anyone who’s at least 21 years of age or older with a minimum of six months of driving experience.

Benefits Packages

As a new truck driver or recent grad, sometimes just finding a trucking job that will suit your compensation needs is enough. But just because you’re new to the trucking industry doesn’t mean the best trucking jobs are out of reach. What truly makes one trucking job better than another is the benefits package. Most truck driving companies offer competitive wages, that’s a given. What really matters are the benefits like weekly home time, health plan benefits, sign on bonuses, safety ratings and tuition reimbursement. Other great benefits to look for include:

  • Special Recognition Programs
  • Flex Spending Plans
  • Rider and Pet Programs

Working Environment

In addition to a good benefits package and assigned Driving Managers, the “best trucking jobs” should include a welcoming work environment with family values. As a truck driver, we know you’ll be on the road a lot-so why not feel like you’re a part of a close-knit family while you’re out there.

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  • Ronald Reed
    Posted January 22, 2016 12:30 pm 0Likes

    So what if I am fresh out of driving school? I have no experience. Who will hire me? How do I start my career?

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