Benefits of Short Haul Truck Driving

Driving mostly short distances as a truck driver can have great appeal for those not interested in the excessively long hauls that can take you away from home for excessive periods of time. Short haul driving is often classified as local or regional driving. Local driving is often done within about 100 miles of the home terminal. Regional driving can extend to approximately 150 to 500 miles of the home terminal. At H.O. Wolding, we offer job listings that give potential truck drivers excellent opportunities in the industry.

Below are some of the advantages of short haul truck driving jobs:

More Home Time

Short haul drivers are home more often. Regional drivers may be a way for a couple of nights at the most, but local truck drivers get to come home virtually every night.

If you want to make sure you can see your family on a more regular basis, short-haul truck driving may be the option for you. It doesn’t include some of the extra physical: stress that may be associated with excessively long hauls, some of which may keep you away from home for several weeks at a time.

Dedicated Runs

A dedicated run gives you consistent and dependable work on a repeated basis. You get to remain close to home and also enjoy a predictable schedule.

Familiar Territory

The trucker that drives local or regional will have greater familiarity with the roads and highways upon which he or she drives on a routine basis. This is generally a less stressful arrangement for the driver.

No Log Books

Short distance drivers may not be required to keep a log book of trips and may also be exempt from the rest breaks mandated in the federal Hours of Service (HOS) rules.

Job Availability

Often there are a large number of short-haul driving jobs available in urban areas. Large trucking companies utilize the cost effective setup of having multiple depots and assigning drivers within a specific area radius.

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