Advantages of Being a CDL Team Truck Driver

The job of a truck driver is a rewarding, long-term career choice for hard-working men and women that love life on the road. As a critical resource for companies across numerous industries, the work of truck drivers plays a key role in keeping vital goods in the hands of businesses and consumers alike. While many drivers may choose to perform this job on their own, there is the option to become a team driver with a spouse, close friend, or professional associate you are comfortable spending long periods with. If the career and lifestyle of trucking pique your interest, don’t just settle for any long-haul trucking job you find. Work for the best team driving company in the industry: H O Wolding.

What’s the Difference Between Team Drivers and Traditional OTR Drivers?

Most people start their truck driving career as single long-haul truck drivers. With time and experience, these drivers may meet the right coworker, friend, or even spouse that is willing to share a cab and hit the road. The basic advantage of choosing a team driver position over a single driver position is the ability to make longer runs without stopping and eliminating excess fatigue behind the wheel. Since drivers can take turns driving in shifts, long-haul trips can be completed with greater efficiency, eliminating the need for rest stops. Moreover, having a partner in your cab can help some drivers stay enthusiastic and alert on the road, during the times their passenger is not resting. While there are plenty of drivers happy to operate on their own, team driving offers a great alternative career path in the world of trucking.

How Does Pay Compare when Divvying Up Earnings Between Two Drivers?

For those considering team driver positions, one of the first concerns that may come to mind is splitting income with another driver. While this may seem to be a major disadvantage, the improvements in efficiency and ability to make longer runs in a day can ultimately result in greater earnings for both drivers—even when split between the two.

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