6 Tips for Recent CDL School Graduates

5 Tips for Recent CDL School Graduates Looking for Entry-Level CDL Driving Jobs

As a recent recipient of your commercial driver’s license (CDL) from an accredited truck driving school, there are many paths you can take towards a new career. Trucking companies are hiring across the country, each offering their unique offerings, benefits and compensation rates. Still a little confused on what company to choose or position to take? H. O. Wolding is one of the most respected over the road trucking companies in the country, with unmatched perks and benefits. Here are 5 simple tips to keep you on the right track towards a long-lasting, rewarding career.

Never Stop Learning

Even if you have graduated from an accredited truck driving school and obtained your CDL, it is important to keep your mind and ears open for new information. Odds are, you are still new to a lot of aspects of the job, and can learn a lot from your instructors and peers. Take constructive criticism and transform it into great job performance down the road.

Look Around at Various Over The Road Trucking Companies

Not all companies are the same. Some might be small, employing 30 drivers, and running 40 rigs. Others may be much larger, with multiple subsections of the business around the country, and thousands of employees making up the driving and management staff. At H. O. Wolding, we are a small company, with the backing of Bison International. Having one of the largest trucking companies at our back, while still operating at a small scale allows us to maintain the aspects of small business our drivers appreciate – like communication and great benefits – while having great financial backing to ensure job security and adequate equipment for the job.

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

Nearly all trucking companies are going to offer you benefits. It pays to look at the details when considering which companies to go with. The best over the road trucking companies like H. O. Wolding will offer an assortment of providers and price points to choose from—helping guarantee you find the proper health, dental, vision plan that is right for you. Also, look into how much the company will match for your 401K contributions. As much as we know you will love working at H. O. Wolding, it is never too early to start saving for retirement.

Find a Company with a Culture you Like

Even if most trucking companies are performing similar tasks, culture can vary greatly from company to company. Some management teams may feel they have to rely on intimidation and yelling to get what they want. The resulting culture is one of great stress and intensity, with drivers generally in a sour mood. An ideal workplace culture will challenge you to perform at your peak, while offering support and guidance along the way. H. O. Wolding’s management staff understands the negative impacts of forceful management styles, and instead focuses on organization, communication and maintaining efficiency.


An important aspect of any career, it is important to not let salary completely dictate the company you choose to work for. Culture, benefits, size and management can all play a roll in your decision, with competitive salary being a given. The best over the road trucking companies like H. O. Wolding will help sweeten the deal with sign on bonuses and safe driving bonuses, along with significant salary gains over years of driving. Our top 20% highest-paid drivers made an average of $80,500 in 2020.

Are you prepared to start a fulfilling career as an OTR truck drivers? H. O. Wolding is here to help. Our mission is to provide industry-leading service, while harboring a team environment that focuses on our drivers. Top-tier safety practices, along with unmatched compensation, benefits and time-off make us one of the top choices for entry level CDL driving jobs in the country. Ready to put all of your truck driving school training to use? Give us a call today at 800 288 1972, or visit out website to browse our great list of career opportunities.