6 Reasons to Drive a Truck in NY

Here are 6 good reasons to look at truck driving jobs in NY at H.O. Wolding.

1. Bonus Just for Signing Up

Could you use an extra two thousand dollars? At H.O. Wolding, you receive a $2,000 sign up bonus.

2. Practical Miles Pay

We do not pay HHG miles. A household goods plan pays you for the shortest distance between two points. H.O. Wolding truck driving jobs in NY come with our Logical Choice Compensation Plan (practical miles). This pays for the most efficient driving route, which usually provides more money and better roads.

3. The Work is Easy

It is not difficult to drive a truck all day. In fact, you are sitting behind the wheel and most drivers enjoy the time on the road. If you need to load or unload, you are paid extra.

4. No Suits

Do you enjoy getting dressed up for work each day? H.O. Wolding truck driving jobs in NY are blue collar positions. There is no need to wear fancy clothes and you won’t even have to shave everyday while you’re on the road.

5. Travel

Most jobs don’t give you the opportunity to travel all over the country. Driving a truck is one of the best ways to see the real America.

6. Job Freedom

How many jobs provide the freedom than truck driving jobs in NY have to offer? There is no supervisor looking over your shoulder all day and all you need to do is drive your truck. To learn more about our excellent truck driving opportunities, call us toll free at 1-800-288-1972 today.