4 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Fleet Services for Your Business

Most companies today have varied shipping needs, and they cannot afford to run their own truck fleets. After all, shipping is a major cost, and it’s easier to use freight services you can trust. H.O. Wolding offers dedicated fleet services for your business. Here are four reasons to work with us.

  1. There When You Need Them
    When you come to H.O. Wolding for special services, we assign drivers, trailers, and tractors to your company, so they are ready when you need freight services. Rush shipments are no problem, and this kind of availability is hard to find.
  2. Cost-Effective Services
    H.O. Wolding dedicated fleet services are like buying your own trucks, and hiring your own drivers. However, you don not have to go through all the time and expenses of running your own fleet. There are no truck payments to make, and your drivers are our responsibility, not yours.
  3. Fewer Headaches
    If you buy your own fleet, you are responsible for maintenance and repairs. When a truck breaks down, you experience downtime, and you may have to contact a tow service to get your truck in for repairs. This is just one of many headaches you may experience when you run your own trucking fleet. However, with dedicated fleet services, these things are not your concern.
  4. The Benefits of Transportation Management Service
    After we assign you a fleet, we are there with management services. We make sure your trucks are in good condition, and they receive the most efficient routing. You are free to spend more time concentrating on running your business because you know your freight is in capable hands. You get the benefits of fleet ownership without the hassle!