3 Reasons You Should Work with Family Owned Trucking Companies

Are you fresh out of truck driving school, and looking for class A driving jobs? Experienced, but looking for better opportunities? Family friendly trucking companies are a great place to build a rewarding career, with a host of benefits to match. Oftentimes family-owned and operated, these trucking companies understand the value of work-life balance, and how much spending time with family means to them and their drivers. It is no surprise that many of these family-owned companies have a reputation of being some of the best trucking companies to work for. At HO Wolding, we have been family-owned and operated for over 86 years, and are proud of the numerous drivers who have found their calling through a career with us. Here are 3 reasons you should select a family owned trucking company like ours when selecting between class A driving jobs.



One of the biggest weak-points for large corporations, communication between drivers, management and higher-ups is important for harboring an inclusive and positive work environment. Smaller, family-operated trucking companies can make sure that all concerns are answered, and communicate directly with drivers on how they can further improve their work environment.


Understanding Your Value

As the old cliché goes, corporations can sometimes see you as just a number. Being lost in the shuffle with thousands and thousands of employees, it is more likely your concerns will not be addressed, you will be unable to communicate with upper management, and you could even be compensated less when compared to other companies. Additionally, family-operated companies are not quick to turn over employees like large corporations, inspiring them to continually listen to the concerns of their drivers, and improve the job in any way they can.


Working with Your Schedule

Family friendly trucking companies will respect your off-the-clock commitments, and try their best to work with you. Direct communication means you can explain the value of your commitment—whether it is a wedding, graduation, or family vacation. Larger corporations often have you simply log the dates you wish to take off, with driver-seniority dictating who gets priority treatment. The best trucking companies like H. O. Wolding are often family owned, and dedicated to their driver’s work-life balance.

A top-choice amongst family friendly trucking companies, H. O. Wolding employs drivers around the nation, while maintaining a family-owned atmosphere. Great compensation and a host of benefits are available to those that apply. Ready to take the next step, and start a career with one of the best trucking companies in the country? Call H. O. Wolding today at 800-288-1972, or visit our website to learn more about our top-tier class A driving jobs.